West Coast Athletic Club

West Coast Athletic Club - Rebuild WordPress - Woocommerce

West Coast Athletic Club

Scope of project: Totally rebuild the existing running club website giving it a new design that stands to the test of time. The website will be integrated with WooCommerce for the various club kits on sale. The website will also be used to showcase and promote events held by the club, such as marathons, trail runs, and charity runs.

Other integrations: Technical SEO, Google Tag Manager/Analytics 4, Strava, ongoing maintenance and updates.

This is a personal project for my running club, which was the re-building our existing website with a new fresh and funky theme which would hopefully bring new life to our running club and attract new members.

The shop was re-done with deep etching on each of the products to bring the items into conformity with each other, while adding new variations for easier pricing.

It’s a project that is continuing and adjusting as we need it to grow.

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